Drink More Water

If you start to eat more healthy foods, you do not want to undo all your good work through what you drink. There are many well-known brands of drink that contain high levels of sugar and since these are so readily available it is easy to consume them at levels which are detrimental to your health. If you start to drink more water instead you will feel better as a result and it will save you money as well. By drinking water throughout the day you will keep yourself hydrated which helps to keep you alert and more energetic.

Eat Organic And Fresh Food

It makes sense that the fresher the food you eat, the more likely it is to have retained more of its nutrients. For instance, if you buy locally produced food such as freshly picked fruit and vegetables you will know that it has not spent time in storage or transport that is likely to have diminished its nutritional value. Furthermore, if you choose organic food you can rest assured that you are not exposing yourself to pesticides that can have consequences in terms of your health.