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Consume Less Saturated Fat

The common advice for eating more healthily is to eat less sugar and fat. In terms of fat consumption the problem arises more from the type of fat you are eating. The aim is really to switch from saturated to unsaturated fats. High amounts of saturated fats in your diet can lead to dangerous levels of cholesterol which is a major factor in heart disease. In contrast, unsaturated fats can be good for you and you can make some changes such as using olive oil in the kitchen or switching the type of spreads you use.

Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients and contain a variety of vitamins and minerals. They should be seen as an important part of your daily diet as they contain anti-oxidants that help to keep you healthy and are often high in fiber. If you eat foods that are high in fiber, you will feel fuller and you are less likely to have food cravings which can lead to unhealthy choices. In fact fruit and some raw vegetables such as carrots can be a good option to snack on as a substitute for sugary snacks. A smoothie made from fruit and vegetables can be a nutritious and tasty treat at any time of the day.